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Marga, Client

"I have a job. I was told that it didn’t matter: I was a community member with a serious health issue who did not drive. They told me about the socials, museum visits, and rides available for doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. I also receive fresh produce delivered twice a month to my doorstep! Lend A Hand has significantly improved the quality of my life: I don’t

have to worry about getting to a doctor’s appointment, finding a ride to the bank, or meeting new people—clients and volunteers.”

Robert Better_edited.jpg

Robert, Volunteer

“Tom Miller was a writer whose work I’d read and enjoyed. Tom wrote for Rolling Stone and other, more obscure, music journals of the day. There was a second (or so I thought) writer named Tom Miller, who wrote about cultural interactions between the United States and Latin America. Turns out, it was the same guy. Turns out, I owned two of his books and even a CD. As a Lend A Hand volunteer, it’s been a real pleasure getting to know him.”


Tom, Client

“Lend A Hand has been a terrific service for me. Twice a week they give me rides to and from physical therapy, or the doctor’s office. This is something my wife, a full-time teacher, cannot fit into her schedule. I’ve gotten to know many of the drivers and enjoy their company. When my condition deteriorated somewhat and I had to use a wheelchair the Lend a Hand volunteers installed wooden ramps in my house.”

Tamara, Client

"I've known about LAH for a while and recently have needed their assistance. I look forward to meeting new people at the monthly luncheons and joining the Writers Group. Thank you, volunteers!

Ben, Client

"Thank God for Lend A Hand. You are a lifesaver! Keep up the good work."

Leticia, Client's daughter

"I can't say enough about all that LAH has done for my mother and father. From building a ramp to giving my mother an opportunity for socializing. Thank you so much for your caring and concern."


"LAH is such an extraordinary group—one couldn't ask for a more caring group of people! They have helped me immensely."

Kat, Client

"LAH has been an essential part of my healing from a bad accident. I was unable to drive for 5 years and LAH made sure I arrived on time for every appointment, helped with grocery shopping, and provided compassionate friendship.

Bill, Client &

"Smooth Moves yoga class has helped me so much. I'm 80 years old and have arthritis. Thanks, Lend A Hand!"

Linda, Volunteer

"I do what I would have done for my 95 year old grandmother, who lives far away. I get an abundance of joy and a wealth of wisdom from simply spending an hour visiting with a client."

Bruni, Client

"LAH is a most wonderful organization. I thank you."

Chele, Client & Volunteer

"I mostly use the transportation services, which have been very helpful to me. I am happy to give back by volunteering to help, mostly at the Socials. Thank you very much Lend A Hand. I much appreciate all that you do for us.

Jose Luis, Client

"Me da gusto cuando me encuentro con los amigos de Lend A Hand. Linda y cariñosos con todos. Dios los bendiga."

Terry, Client

"I appreciate with all my heart the wonderful and unselfish volunteers. It permits me to stay in my own home and know that I have help to drive me to a doctor's appointment."


"l've volunteered with other organizations but LAH has something extra: The enthusiasm and open communication and the very appreciative clients. It gives me a sense of community and purpose, as well as fun.”

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