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Volunteer to assist with transportation, food delivery, minor home repairs, social events, or friendly visits and phone calls.

Help us to provide needed services by donating and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona taxes.



Many seniors who would prefer to live independently are faced with the need to move to a care facility or to live with a family member far from their community. Trained volunteers from Lend A Hand help seniors stay comfortably and safely in their homes, and age in place as our neighbors. Thanks to our volunteers, Lend A Hand has been providing free services to seniors in central Tucson neighborhoods since 2006. We are proud to say no senior is ever charged for our services.


LAH is seeking a Coordinator

Our current Coordinator is retiring at the end of 2023.

Scope of the Job:


Client relations:

  • Communicate with clients by phone or in person, as needed; meet with/evaluate prospective new clients in their homes.

  • Handle client and/or volunteer problems as they arise; inform the Board of major issues.


Volunteer relations:

  • Communicate with volunteers.

  • Coordinate client service requests and volunteer availability for LAH’s most requested service, transportation to medical visits, shopping or errands. Requests and assignments are organized using the on-line site, Lotsa Helping Hands.

  • New volunteer orientation.

  • Collect & compile volunteer reports.

  • Monitor current LAH programs to facilitate intercommunication and smooth operation: Senior Social Activities, Produce Delivery, Food Bank Delivery, Safe Home & Yardwork Program, Friendly Calls/Visits, Technical Assistance.


Interface with the Neighbors Care Alliance (NCA):

  • Attend monthly NCA meetings & report to the Board.

  • Prepare monthly and annual reports (some computer skills required).


Interface with Board of Directors:

  • Attend monthly meetings (1-2-hours each) of the Executive Committee and Board.

  • Provide monthly Coordinator’s Report of LAH activities.


Act as the public representative of LAH:

  • Contact with outside individuals, neighborhoods, and other groups by phone or in person.

  • Explain LAH Services and Service Area to others.


The successful candidate:

  1. Will be a “people person” who works well with others.

  2. Will be an organized self-starter.

  3. Will be dedicated to helping people.

  4. Will have good communication skills.

  5. Must be able to set boundaries.


Preference will be given to candidates with:

  1. Prior experience working with the elderly.

  2. Computer skills (MS Excel, database linkages & queries (SQL & Access), and Google Sheets.

  3. Some knowledge of Spanish.


The Coordinator position is approximately 25 hours a week, typically spread over 5 days a week, depending on client needs.  The Coordinator will be paid a stipend of $1500 a month.


Submit a Job Application by contacting Vicki Mills at or 520-248-8621.



Who We Help


Lend A Hand serves seniors ages 60 or older, as well as younger individuals with disabilities, in 12 central Tucson neighborhoods.

If this description fits you or a loved one, please contact us!

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Marga, Client

"I have a job. I was told that it didn’t matter: I was a community member with a serious health issue who did not drive. They told me about the socials, museum visits, and rides available for doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. I also receive fresh produce delivered twice a month to my doorstep! Lend A Hand has significantly improved the quality of my life: I don’t

have to worry about getting to a doctor’s appointment, finding a ride to the bank, or meeting new people—clients and volunteers.”

Robert Better_edited.jpg

Robert, Volunteer

“Tom Miller was a writer whose work I’d read and enjoyed. Tom wrote for Rolling Stone and other, more obscure, music journals of the day. There was a second (or so I thought) writer named Tom Miller, who wrote about cultural interactions between the United States and Latin America. Turns out, it was the same guy. Turns out, I owned two of his books and even a CD. As a LAH volunteer, it’s been a real pleasure getting to know him.”


Tom, Client

“Lend a Hand has been a terrific service for me. Twice a week they give me rides to and from physical therapy, or the doctor’s office. This is something my wife, a full-time teacher, cannot fit into her schedule. I’ve gotten to know many of the drivers and enjoy their company. When my condition deteriorated somewhat and I had to use a wheelchair the Lend a Hand volunteers installed wooden ramps in my house.”

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